IMX Gstreamer and image overlay

Mauro Ziliani

Hi all.

I need to mask a v4l2 stream with a png image.

I do that applying gdkpixbufoverlay before final imxv4l2sink, but the stream is very slow and a lot of frames are lost.ù

There is way to mask the stream using IPU or other hardware processor?

The board is equiped with imx6dl

This is the actual pipeline


gst-launch-1.0 imxv4l2src device=/dev/video0 \
        ! capsfilter caps="video/x-raw, width=640, height=480" \
        ! imxvideoconvert_g2d rotation=4 \
        ! gdkpixbufoverlay location=mask.png \
        ! imxv4l2sink overlay-width=800 overlay-height=600 overlay-left=235 overlay-top=65 enable-last-sample=true name=sink

Best regards,


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