Re: CVE related consulting on linux-qoriq


Our team found that there are currently some CVE patches on some branches that are also applicable to other branches. May I ask if NXP has any corresponding measures to deal with this situation.
CVE-2019-14814 has been fixed on the v5.3 branch and is not fixed on v4.19. But it also should be applied to v4.19.

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Zang Ruochen

On 3/25/20 11:54 AM, Zhenhua Luo wrote:
Hi Ruochen,

Are those CVE patches developed for kernel tree or meta-freescale layer? May I know which kernel version you are working? I can check the process.

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Our team is going to work on the CVE correction of linux-qoriq.
I wonder if we submit such patches, will they be merged? If yes, which ML
should I send?

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Zang Ruochen

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