Re: [yocto] Support UBI u-boot


Hi Gabriele,

On 2/6/20, Gabriele Zampieri <gabbla.malist@...> wrote:
As far as I know uboot (usually virtual/bootloader) does not have a task to
run menuconfig directly from bitbake.
I usually have a local clone of uboot and I simply run `make [...]
menuconfig|savedefconfig` , then I create a patch
to add my defconfig (custom_defconfig) to configs/ and specify
UBOOT_MACHINE = "custom_defconfig"
Are there any document to use cross compiler tools to build u-boot-imx
on Ubuntu 18 host machine? It seems that build environment will not be
the same as the Yocto build environment I am currently running on
Ubuntu 18 host.

Thank you Gabriele for great helps.

Kind regards,

- jh

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