Re: Latest meta-freescale versions compatible with NXP SDK 2.0 - 1703 ?

Zhenhua Luo



The SDK 2.0 1703 is based on YP 2.0 (jethro), we didn’t test other branch of meta-freescale with YP 2.0.


To use a newer kernel, you can try new version of meta-freescale with compatible YP layers. The new Yocto SDK is available in



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Is there any meta-freescale repo compatible with NXP SDK 2.0 - 1703 ? I tried this but there was a couple of errors (Like missing packagegroup files and any other). Couldn't solve them all. I am searching for a meta-freescale with higher linux version than the default SDK 2.0 - 1703 has (It has


Or is there any way to upgrade linux version in that sdk without messing up other modules ? I tried to replace with my own linux kernel (replacing git folder which is linux kernel output, with my own linux kernel) but cryptodev module started to mess up when trying to bitbake fsl-image-full.


I will be grateful for any suggestion:



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