Re: Vivante graphics driver

Andy Pont <andy.pont@...>

I wrote...

>> Secondly, in the tmp/work/…/imx-gpu-viv directory there is a file called
>> imx-gpu-viv-6.2.4.p4.0-aarch32.bin and likewise in
>> tmp/work/…/imx-gpu-g2d there is a imx-gpu-g2d-6.2.4.p4.0-arm.bin. I
>> presume that these are some kind of firmware file but as far as I can
>> see they aren’t making it into the file system on the target. Do I need
>> to do something with them?
>The version used depends on the target you are building for.
I am building for a Boundary Devices Nitrogen 6 Lite board (i.MX6 Solo)
using Yocto and the linux-boundary-4.14 kernel recipe.
We seem to be having really poor performance with canvas events in our
HTML5/CSS front end and some of the benchmarks[1] we have run only seem
to make 10fps.
Using what? WPE, Chromium, WebEngine?
Cog (v0.4.0) and WPE WebKit (v2.26.1) from meta-webkit. It is building with the following defined:


We aren’t necessarily fixed with using Cog and WPE WebKit so long as we can sit directly on top of the framebuffer without having to introduce the extra overhead of Wayland or X11.
I am trying to get run some comparative tests by building the chromium-ozone-wayland recipe from meta-browser but the build is failing with the following error: ERROR: Problem encountered: building dri drivers require at least one windowing system or classic osmesa

What do I need to add to my local.conf in order to get this to build?


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