Re: Vivante graphics driver

Andy Pont <andy.pont@...>

Otavio wrote...

>We use the kernel module as a way to easy the upgrade of GPU driver
>releases. If using the built-in the Linux kernel version needs to
>match the GPU driver release while if using the external kernel
>module, this is not a requirement.
>Another reason is that the external kernel module bring fixes we do as
OK, so I think I will disable the built in version and use the external
kernel module.
So, switching from the built-in kernel driver for the GPU to the external one hasn’t done anything to improve the frame rate. Not that I really expected it to do so.

My guess at the present time is that the WPE WebKit implementation isn’t properly exploiting the acceleration from the GPU. I’m not sure at the moment how to prove it or how to fix it.


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