Re: linux-fslc-lts-4.19

Bas Mevissen

On 8/19/19 2:18 PM, Andy Pont wrote:
Bas wrote...

Ah, I assumed the default to be at the 4.9-2.3.x-imx branch. That one is based upon 4.9.166, which is much more close to the latest upstream.
Now I’m wondering if I have the wrong version of meta-freescale. The recipes-kernel/linux directory contains the following files:
No, looks fine. Just tip of Warrior branch.

I guess I could use linux-imx_4.9.123 to get me a bit further forward or bbappend and pull the latest SRVREV out of git://
That one seems to be targeted by NXP at supporting the i.MX8 series (only).

Maybe Otavio can shed some light on what best to use. The most recent FSL Community work seems to be done at the 4.9-2.3.x-imx branch (just a week ago).

A recent kernel from a longterm branch is probable the best to have. However, I feel that it is mostly important later in the development. Starting with defaults usually gets you going without too much hassle.
For small, short-lived projects, starting with any LTS kernel is fine as long as you get to a recent one before release. With larger and long-living developments, you have to cater for major kernel version jumps anyway.
The default 4.9.67 boots and I have run the initial tests on it successfully.  I was looking to update it to something that would be a better long term option if this test exercise turns into a full product development.
Maybe postpone that update and stick to 4.9.67 and work on the stuff you need to do.

Having built the 4.19.66 kernel with the changed KERNEL_DEVICETREE setting I now have a compile issue with the Vivante drivers which appears to come from some DMA related functions having moved header file somewhere along the way.
My bet would be to stick to something 4.9-ish (or possible 4.14 from 4.14-2.0.x-imx branch) as they will be supported for a very long time, see <> and will stay most likely compatible with your current Vivante drivers.

-- bas.

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