NXP and meta-freescale BSPs workflow

Th?o Bueno

Hi everyone,


I have some questions regarding meta-freescale's workflow.


It is my understanding that meta-freescale should be the BSP of choice for any Yocto project for the i.MX6 platform. It is also the stance of NXP which publishes their own BSP only for testing purposes. This BSP, "meta-fsl-bsp-release" contains NXP recipes for their latest i.MX-specific software branches, such as Weston, Linux and their graphics drivers.


Recently, NXP published a new revision of their BSP based on Thud with linux-imx 4.19, weston 6.0 and a graphics drivers bump.


What are the guidelines for the integration of those changes into meta-freescale ? Does it follow a specific schedule ?


For instance, NXP published Weston 6.0 on their Thud BSP even though Poky's version of Weston is 5.0 on Thud. On meta-freescale, Weston's version is 4.0 on all branches though. Where do we go from here ? This is puzzling me and I suspect there are other reasons that explain why Weston does not get bumped on meta-freescale.


To give a bit of context, on Automotive Grade Linux this situation (among other reasons) probably led the developers to drop the proprietary graphics stack for i.MX6 platforms in favor of mainline support with etnaviv, because they have a hard requirement to Weston 6.0. This is a bit problematic as the mainline stack suffers limitations.


I would appreciate any help or guidance on those questions.


Thanks and best regards,

Théo Bueno.

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