Re: [yocto] Looking for a recommendation for the right Yocto dev board that supports MIPI CSI-2...

Bob Cochran

On 6/20/19 11:24 PM, Bob Cochran wrote:

I'm doing some work with MIPI cameras, and I need a development board with stable Yocto and MIPI CSI-2 support.   At this point, I'm thinking i.MX, but I'm open to any suggestion.
It looks like we're going to purchase an NXP MCIMX8M-EVK dev board (at least one to get started).   Can someone please confirm that the  imx8mqevk.conf machine file is for this board?

Is this board Yocto Project stable?  I need to be able to build the master branch for this board (or should I be using next?). Any comments or feedback will be great appreciated.



I'm not sure what type of access I'll have to the D-PHY data streams.  Do they always terminate into a GPU?   However, I would like a board that gives me the most capability to control / route the data with open source drivers.

I suppose I want CSI-2 in and HDMI out.

Thank you,


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