CSI video input and dmabuf?

Carlos Rafael Giani

The imx-kernel has support for DMA-BUF backed memory through Android's ION. This is already used by imx-gstplugin-1.0 . It makes it possible to transport frames over DMA.

But what seems to be missing is support for DMA-BUF in the V4L2 CSI devices on NXP machines. GStreamer's v4l2src delivers data just fine ... but it is copied via the CPU. It would be far better to add DMA-BUF support in the kernel drivers. This way, the v4l2src io-mode could be set to "dmabuf". It would for example allow frame uploads to the GPU, via DMA. So, v4l2src io-mode=dmabuf ! glimagesink would show the camera signal without involving any CPU-based frame copies.

Is anything like this being worked on?

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