Re: Building Linux for Freescale p2020rdb

Zhenhua Luo

You can build p2020rdb from recent community meta-freescale layer.






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Thank you, Alex.


Have you or has anybody ever built it directly from poky and mata-freescale? If so, please kindly suggest a branch and a tag to use. Thank you.



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I have build it with Freescale SDK 1.9

Check your board resources. It may not feet for full image but minimal image only


On Nov 8, 2018, at 10:49 AM, Tsai, Matt <matt.tsai@...> wrote:

Hi all,

I need to build Linux and the SDK for an existing platform that uses Freescale p2020rdb. Because it is a relatively older machine, I am not sure if it is still supported in the most recent meta-freescale. Some questions I have:


1. Can I get a recommendation of what poky and meta-freescale branches/tags, and possibly other meta layers to start?

2. Can I get a brief instruction of how to build u-boot, Linux, and SDK? Such as what MACHINE to set in local.conf, …etc.

3. Because my existing platform is using an older u-boot and Linux kernel (2.6.x), one option is do this incrementally.

Is it possible to modify the most recent Yocto recipes to fetch older u-boot and Linux kernel, but use the most recent root file system, libraries, user space utilities, ...etc.? If yes, how can it be done?



Thank you very much for the answers.

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