Re: imx6dlsabresd, fb0, vivante_drv

Marco <cavallini.koan@...>

are you sure you are using fsl-image-qt5 in X11 mode?

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2018-06-08 17:14 GMT+02:00 Mauro Ziliani <mauro@...>:

Hi all.

I'm working on a imx6dlsabresd derived board.

The BSP is based on jetro/krogoth mix, and the final image is fsl-image-qt5,
cutted in some no usefull libraries.

I have this problem.

The device starts in 1024x600 (8bit) resolution, defined in dtb.

When X starts, vivante_drv retries for the monitor resolution. Sometimes X
fails and the display goes white.

How can I tell to vivante_drv do not change the resolution of the display?

That is

1. Switch on: the board starts in 1024x600-60hz (8bit) and psplash shows the

2. ... X is started and vivante_drv retry to detect resolution

3. display goes white.

Thanks all


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