X11/wayland configuration for i.mx7 board

Dennis Muhlestein

I've recently started learning about the Yocto project and freescale. I have an i.mx7 Dual sabre SD board to work with.

On the SD card shipped with a the board was a 4.1.15 kernel that boots a simple interface that allows various things like X11-vnc, a terminal, and a few sample games. When I build the distro config xwayland w/ image fsl-image-gui, or image-qt5 etc the resulting image is much smaller. I can write directly to the framebuffers with gstreamer and get output on the LCD or an HDMI monitor but there doesn't appear to be any sample programs and Xorg refused to start saying it was missing some drivers and config information.

(I built the 4.9.88 kernel 2.0.0 release from the repo/git branch).

Is there a specific image or a layer I need to enable to build an image with more UI support? It seems the images built w/ yocto/bitbake is a little sparse and I'm not sure if that is by design or if I've done something wrong along the way.


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