Re: Dependency sg3_utils of utp_com recipe breaks build (master and sumo)


Hi Bas,

I did not see this patch, but, IMHO it is a bad idea to keep a bbappend here (dependancy and so on).
The best solution is to move it in 'dynamic-layers' directory [1].


2018-05-29 14:28 GMT+02:00 Bas Mevissen <abuse@...>:

Hi all,

I'm currently using a very small Yocto build using only Poky and Meta-Freescale, both on current Sumo branch and ran into a build problem:

ERROR: No recipes available for:

Cause is the commit 696faf695ade68b9f17a5d192536632c2f323dda that got merged recently, adding the utp-com recipe. Additionally, commit a0799f3b4433f1377d1a082320e1165fe3cba696 got merged that changed a few things unrelated to my build problem.

The first commit adds a file called meta-freescale/recipes-support/sg3-utils/sg3-utils_%.bbappend to provide one of the dependencies of utp-com. However, the sg3_utils recipe is not part of neigter meta-freescale, nor its only dependency openembedded-core (included in Poky). So my build failed.

Removing this bbappend file resolved the build issue. Obviously, utp-com will not build anymore.

Please note that similar commits a4ea62756cdfaefe27521cdcd748092bb2d18cbb and eb0a295846118fb5fa0e33a0d079eb0ab345e173 are merged to master, exhibiting the same issue.

Not sure what the best solution is.
Adding another dependency for the layer just to support one package would not be way over the top. Adding a (full) recipe of sg3_utils might be an option, as long as it will not conflict with other layers people might use. Last resort might be to add the sg_lib header files needed to compile utp_com in meta-freescale (like sdparm does for example).

Any ideas?



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