Re: [PATCH] linux-fslc: 4.14: Bump revision to c4404197b0b2

Fabio Estevam

On Tue, Nov 21, 2017 at 1:07 PM, Bas Mevissen <abuse@...> wrote:

I tried linux-fslc@c4404197b0b22f479d9548e81a8a4ed639d4dd7c with commit
3e9b36edc01ec3b896bf212a2a7cccc32ed3f047 reverted and that works fine.
I don't think that 3e9b36edc01ec3b896bf212a2a7cccc32ed3f047 should
have been applied to linux-fslc to start with.

This commit is in linux-next currently and it will be part of the
upcoming 4.15-rc1.

IMHO linux-fslc should only contain the patches from linux-stable tree
with a few exceptions like: new dts files, for example.

What's the best thing to do now? Revert 3e9b36e for now and push that to
I think we can do two things:

- Revert 3e9b36e from linux-fslc

- If you could try linux-next on your board and see if it works well
or not. This way we can antecipate any possible issues with the SPI
driver for the upcoming 4.15-rc1.

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