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Hello Teemu,

On Tue, Nov 21, 2017 at 4:16 AM, Keskinarkaus, Teemu <teemu.keskinarkaus@...> wrote:
We have custom i.MX6Q based HW and I’ve been trying to get graphics
working with Etnaviv driver so I could get Weston 2.0 up and running.
It won't. Etnaviv requires Weston 3.0.

[Teemu] This wasn't documented anywhere and Yocto 2.3 builds Weston 2.0 and Etnaviv. That's how I got impression that that combo should be working.

I’m using Yocto 2.3 and have MACHINEOVERRIDES in local.conf so kernel
linux-fslc-4.9 is built with Etnaviv driver in it.
Please focus on 2.4 as it has newer versions of mesa and libdrm.
[Teemu] I will have to take a look of that.

I’ve used NXP Beta-branch to test their linux 4.9.11 – kernel so I’ve
been able to update/test device tree with 4.9-series kernel and there
the kernel outputs picture just fine. (Of course Weston 2.0 doesn’t
You must have the display set in the device tree.

[Teemu] As said there, the device tree was tested with NXP kernel version 4.9.11 and display worked fine. When loaded the Etnaviv image with 4.9 - kernel I had no display output. I'm not sure if kernel built-in logos should be shown with Etnaviv driver or does it need something from the user space as well? Also the /dev/fb0 wasn't there although I would assume the device tree is configured ok or do Etnaviv need some changes there? I assume that it shouldn't need.

-Teemu Keskinarkaus


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