kernel modules failing to load because of missing symbols

Tim Harvey


I've got a kernel recipe that builds several kernel modules which get
build and packaged as kernel-module-<modname>. I'm finding that while
most of these modules appear to load properly into the kernel at
runtime, several of them do not because of missing symbols:

# modprobe bluetooth
[ 782.848396] bluetooth: no symbol version for sock_register
[ 782.854315] bluetooth: Unknown symbol sock_register (err -22)
# modprobe ip_tables
[ 893.675147] ip_tables: no symbol version for ns_capable
[ 893.680385] ip_tables: Unknown symbol ns_capable (err -22)
modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'ip_tables': Invalid argument

The symbols do appear to be in the kernel's
# grep " ns_capable" /boot/*
80033cfc T ns_capable
# grep sock_register /boot/*
805337a8 T sock_register
8084fb0c R __ksymtab_sock_register
8085ab64 r __kcrctab_sock_register
8087abaf r __kstrtab_sock_register

I'm seeing this on Yocto master, Yocto pyro 2.3, Yocto morty 2.2 but
surprisingly not on Yocto krogoth 2.1.

Any ideas what could be going on here or how best to troubleshoot this?

Best Regards,


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Gateworks Corporation -
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