Re: ANN: New layout for FSL Community BSP and BSP layers

Gary Thomas <samoht.yrag@...>

On 2016-10-25 16:52, Otavio Salvador wrote:
Hello everyone,

In 2015 an effort to unify the i.MX and QorIQ BSP layers has been
started and today we are finally moving the FSL Community BSP to use
the result of this work.

The development of this new layer has been possible due a
collaborative work from O.S. Systems and NXP. It has been a long
commitment from all the involved people as we tried hard to make the
transition as seamless as possible.

The new layer, called meta-freescale, has been available for quite
some time at Github[1] but now it is also available under the Yocto
Project Git[2] server.


This layer supports Yocto Project 2.2 (morty) and upcoming releases
(master). Users of older releases should keep using the meta-fsl-arm
and meta-fsl-ppc layers.

As a consequence of the new unified layer, the meta-fsl-arm-extra and
meta-fsl-demos layers were also renamed so they use a more meaningful
name. Basically:

- meta-fsl-arm-extra has been renamed to meta-freescale-3rdparty. It
makes clear that 3rdparty boards are supported on this layer and also
removes the ARM from name as PowerPC and other NXP SoC’s based board
are welcome to be included there as well.

- meta-fsl-demos has been renamed to meta-freescale-distro. This
communicates better the layer goal as it has been always a design
decision to keep as isolated as possible the BSP and distribution

All previous releases are still working as Github provides a very nice
rename handling so all users and forks are still valid.

Please don’t think the work is complete as there are a number of
recipes inside meta-freescale that need clean up or to be moved to
other layers, however the base for the work is ready, and we need to
look forward in order to develop the layer for the best of the
So, in practice, should we start using these new layers immediately?

Also, will new work/changes only be done in these new/renamed layers?

We are now focusing in verifying as much the build results as possible
from the new FSL Community BSP and to update the documentation to
reflect those changes. All possible help is welcome.

Gary Thomas

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