Updates of meta-fsl-ppc master branch on 2015-12-28

Zhenhua Luo

Hello all,


The following updates are merged in master branch of meta-fsl-ppc, thanks.


commit f50befe154d39c6c4c46e26f34c2fba20ae4f4fa

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Fri Dec 25 11:40:52 2015 +0800


    ceetm: install ceetm.ko into /lib/modules/


    kernel-module-ceetm will be created to package ceetm.ko by default.


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit a5414d1be16aa1c1287b107e641ae75735af06de

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Fri Dec 25 11:38:27 2015 +0800


    ceetm: remove useless do_configure_preappend


    The fix was merged in source code now.


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit da596dbe5a492b6edbcaf0b674ceb8eb77e4ed8b

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Fri Dec 25 11:37:51 2015 +0800


    ceetm: replace tab with spaces


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit a7a8db6c3fee5a5942e000f1b9d97b04e348fafa

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Fri Dec 25 11:34:17 2015 +0800


    ipc-module: remove useless do_configure_preappend


    The fix was merged in source code now.


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit 7dbe74f2d140594404b0002111b8e9d71bce0a87

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Thu Dec 24 11:42:33 2015 +0800


    qemu_fslgit: add gnutls as DEPENDS to fix QA warnings


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit a0b7d19b41975d567cf6402e4423d823888663b9

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Thu Dec 24 11:41:28 2015 +0800


    qemu_fslgit: package files in ${datadir}


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit 1c26752509c731e0251eadcd0bcb175c904e8822

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Thu Dec 24 11:30:34 2015 +0800


    qemu_fslgit: import ptest patches from poky


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit 99690ef88cb52a18ed25e059f1328f069f415467

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Tue Dec 22 15:12:05 2015 +0800




    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit 82a4aaed5248d9d5bc05aff1eb63f31842e3f53b

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Tue Dec 22 17:02:14 2015 +0800


    pkc-host: set COMPATIBLE_MACHINE as qoriq-ppc


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit d254e946026dd61e91b6f187d62520df40735ec3

Author: Cristian Stoica <cristian.stoica@...>

Date:   Thu Oct 29 13:47:02 2015 +0200


    pkc-host: do not install cli


    cli is a user-space application, and is splitted from pkc-host


    Signed-off-by: Cristian Stoica <cristian.stoica@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit 26bc856d210375a30487813e814989d8ed0a4fe5

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Thu Dec 3 17:48:52 2015 +0800


    pkc-host: update to commit 26df0a3


    New commits imported:

    26df0a3 fix references to dsa sign, verify and keygen buffers

    3d11a8b remove obvious comments in dsa.c

    e04defa fix ecdsa-sign test

    60a16b2 fix ecdsa-verify test

    ffaf905 fix ecdsa verify descriptor

    7fab9ff remove redundant global variables in ecdsa_test.c

    fefdadb clarify assignments in dsa_keygen_init_crypto_mem

    12c1e53 avoid redundant typecasts when accessing structure dsa_keygen_buffers

    dc3e433 avoid redundant typecasts when accessing structure dsa_verify_buffers

    d189aea avoid redundant typecasts when accessing structure dsa_sign_buffers

    bc77727 clarify assignments in dsa_verify_init_crypto_mem

    0a33653 clarify assignments in dsa_sign_init_crypto_mem

    bc223b9 fix incorrect macro-expansion of arguments

    c203b2e remove redundant subtraction in dsa.c round-robin code

    e3f03bc remove dead code in ecdsa_test.c

    7b236cb remove dead code in rsa_test.h

    d084594 whitespace clean-up in rsa, dsa and ecdsa test vectors

    b7e292a white-space clean-up in dsa.c

    f792c40 add notifications about not supported configurations

    309202d fix SEC jobs error reporting

    f67f35c fix debug print for descriptors

    973c09d sync with firmware build 8fcd0bc

    3d32570 remove not necessary #includes in algs_reg.c

    806bfae refactoring: merge trivial VIRTIO functions

    4074a65 fix build error for VIRTIO_C2X0=y

    58d8ba0 reduce #ifdef obfuscation for sym_cra_init and sym_cra_exit

    ee3aa86 merge three adjacent #ifndef VIRTIO_C2X0 regions

    07b8e40 move sym_cra_init and sym_cra_exit to allow merge of #ifdef regions

    e545259 move fill_crypto_dev_sess_ctx function to merge two #ifdef regions

    143d79f do not silence print_error at build time

    4ed84e3 remove redundant void* to void* type casting

    47b6f64 refactoring: use compound statements with if constructs

    cd15d02 use dev_err to print device related errors

    30a5705 replace ALIGN* macros by function calls

    96d67e7 remove redundant #define for BRR_VALUE

    2d74d96 remove unnecessary #include's from crypto_ctx.h

    0ac80bd rename rsa test callback function for clarity

    4ee3ee1 match types of members in fsl_crypto_alg with those in related structures

    b6f6e97 rename structure to avoid confusions with the variables

    c960102 always print errors related to descriptors

    9920b1f update ring index at the end of the loop

    67f743b remove redundant typedef fsl_h_mem_handshake_t

    3039d45 remove redundant typedef crypto_h_mem_layout_t

    4b19fb5 remove redundant typedef crypto_c_hs_mem_t

    6ae863d remove redundant typedef fsl_pci_dev_t

    e8050e2 remove redundant typedef driver_ob_mem_t

    1ac31db remove redundant structure crypto_dev_mem_info

    8b134fb rename members of pci_bar_info structure

    60ffef6 remove redundant typedef pci_bar_info_t

    1ce8047 use the same type for function and return variable

    319bc02 make temporary variables the same type as the original

    3fbe1f7 rename variable and function for clarity

    4d4bf3c make volatile the handshake memory on host

    d64eac6 fix reading values from the local memory

    692ab74 rename variable to reduce reading confusions

    c9ad613 rename per_core_struct as bh_handler

    5c30ce6 remove duplicate bottom half handler variable

    15254d0 merge content of structures bh_handler and per_core_struct

    e54a71d sync with firmware build bef6960

    d1e1e5e remove redundant macro RING_FULL from within block

    64898d4 clarify comment about where to put fw_resp_ring

    d819503 remove not used global variables

    0fb1293 remove not used define

    09b590d relocate external declaration of *per_core

    91a450e remove Makefile target 'dist' incorrectly aliased to 'clean'

    dda196a separate cli application build from the driver

    7261910 build a dynamic linking cli application

    df39d8c use a bigger type for req_mem_size

    f78435f fix machine crash on timer test

    a7e8a6a add firmware fixes for incorrect IRQ signalling

    27751bf refactor: remove common_sysfs_show/store from sysfs.h

    4a60e77 remove redundant print function

    464704b sync with firmware updates

    71446a0 clean-up tests before releasing driver structures

    6d982cd fix offset calculation for shared counters struct

    110b1e7 remove duplicate code and #ifdef branch

    f3e08dd refactoring: extract function from loop to enhance clarity

    745af67 remove redundant structure for shadow counters

    1f92e9b remove not used external declaration

    0a53ea3 remove code fragment without purpose

    26d2ef5 remove redundant fw_resp_ring_t typedef

    d65d0e7 remove redundant shadow_memory structure

    5fb0526 remove redundant resp_ring_entry_t typedef

    76f0d17 remove redundant ring_counters_mem_t typedef

    a7f5054 remove redundant ring_shadow_counters_mem_t typedef

    d2e1765 remove redundant ring_idxs_mem_t typedef

    ad94e8a remove redundant counters_mem_t typedef

    f9a4c40 remove not used typedef

    c581cd1 use #else to merge two exclusive #ifdef's

    18909d3 remove not used structure member

    4c83440 add include guards for crypto_ctx.h

    edeee8a remove redundant structure ctx

    c93c234 fix Makefile to allow parallel make

    e43b78e fix round-robin context allocation for RSA operations

    f9beb49 remove unnecessary lock contention

    31e004a add static qualifier for file-bound variables

    bbba578 remove code for handling INTx and MSIx

    7e04c32 remove unnecessary self-asignment

    8f79b8c remove wt_cpu_mask variable definition from header file

    d1a76fd cleanup: remove unnecessary "include"s

    a6d3286 rename reserved identifiers

    21cb055 rename source files to avoid confusions

    8072597 use kernel API to count the cpus

    bb2ddcd rename lock variable to match its purpose

    e51e179 fix incorrect use of get_cpu() on debug_print

    4a2d864 clear test_done flag inside check_test_done()

    5432210 clarify function return value

    7ef3b7a remove unused header inclusions

    3119e2a move get_cpu_ticks definitions closer to their users

    34bd796 remove unused 'flag' argument from callbacks

    602db60 remove leftovers from Makefile

    fff643f merge two related short functions

   36e7aeb clarify debug print message

    0908d09 rename function

    a441393 rearrange code to remove forward declaration

    9e303f3 clean-up formatting and remove dead code

    509ce95 make sure side-effect ioreads are not optimized away

    d2104ff read-back the last written LAW to guarantee LAWs visibility

    f58b316 split boot procedure into independent functions

    8543c2f decrement device count on device remove

    d4e5650 fix CPU core reset sequence

    90726f3 do only a CPU core reset when device is removed

    ae4e740 execute device reset inside device remove function

    ad65fdb remove rearrange_config function

    b3d4633 remove redundant typedef resp_ring_entry_t

    d025737 remove redundant rounding of ring lengths

    5805ff8 remove unused priority queue code

    bf6ee11 clarify the kernel patch procedure

    2d19537 refactoring: use sg_cnt as index

    c8ad184 clear ring lists before freeing ring memory

    1969e0a consider all warnings as errors

    d262686 clean-up Makefile

    e445714 Revert "add parameters to help with cross-compilation"

    0877954 use standard macros to identify the platform

    ae1d33b move functions around to remove forward declarations

    1318c36 remove unnecessary forward declarations

    bc07560 fix pointer dereferencing after kfree

    533ccd6 remove unreachable #ifdef 0 code

    a03f89c remove strict_strtol macro

    74f890d mark hanshake success inside handshake function

    f9460fb remove unused macros

    8313f5c refactoring: remove unnecessary code block

    2c4f52c refactoring: extract function hs_init_rp_complete

    2a2139a refactoring: extract function hs_fw_init_complete

    563cf8c refactoring: extract function hs_firmware_up

    5e26693 remove unnecessary Makefile variables

    5de6d6d remove conditional code for non-powerpc platforms

    528a89d remove no longer used code

    5e65fa6 use portable definitions for big endian READ64/WRITE64

    0a2b97d remove ASSIGN32 macro from the rest of files

    2347c8d remove ASSIGN32 macro from rsa.c

    e277959 remove ASSIGN32 macro from hash.c and symmetric.c

    cde6406 remove ASSIGN32 macro from dsa.c

    3f9613c remove ASSIGN32 macro from dh.c

    e6d0ba2 remove all uses of ASSIGN16 macro

    7ad9d6c remove all uses of ASSIGN8 macro

    0a7f003 use portable constructs for all platforms

    3cb5a4c remove more iowrite macros

    6acb490 remove unnecessary wrapper over iowrite8

    29cd4a0 remove remaining wrapper macros for PCI 32bit read/write

    c3c895e use iowrite32b to write to PIC_PIR register

    b8dd736 set a single workqueue for operations

    367f105 remove unused members of per_core_struct_t

    0e7324c remove unused tasklets related code

    724dcd9 remove support for pre 2.6.19 kernels

    ef22e13 refactoring: avoid redundant typecast to void *

    ab04330 explain the choice of index for response ring

    8bd4428 clarify the meaning of these assignments

    6e0950a simplify calculation of handshake memory address

    09d4f8e refactoring: use variable to avoid duplicated addition

    886354a remove duplicated definitions of CACHE_LINE_SIZE

    199efd0 fix calculation of outbound memory length

    d8d918f clarify value of dev->tot_req_mem_size to avoid code review issues

    0ab7a57 remove unnecessary "crypto_dev_config_t" type definition

    1b029f8 move assignment out of the if condition

    ba8fb48 remove unused initialization values

    3fd6b86 remove unused "crypto_config_t" structure

    fb7fc22 add note for enabling ECC

    098edf9 explain what is going on during endpoint setup

    a3cb153 fix value of TRGT field for PEX_PEXIWAR1

    eb69306 refactoring: use kernel IO API to access device registers

    476f25d minor clean-up in debug-prints

    8555a14 remove unmaintained code

    68cdc01 refactoring: remove short function

    691e809 use upper case to refer to base address registers

    19314aa remove one of two identical enum types

    fc3e81a remove conditional padding of buffer_header struct

    df81cc2 remove rarely used macros

    151125f remove dead conditional code

    f8b9a76 remove redundant #ifdef

    c7b0ae0 merge conditional code blocks to ease their removal

    47971d3 always link pkc.o when building the driver

    df748c3 fix several compiler warnings with debug print enabled

    128553a Merge pull request #11 in SDK/pkc-host from ~B47441/pkc-host:master to master

    a2ae0f4 config device for proper module removal

    185a2ef Merge pull request #10 in SDK/pkc-host from ~B18196/pkc-host:master to master

    1dcb2cc add build option to disable hmac algorithms

    341f4d3 Merge pull request #9 in SDK/pkc-host from ~B18196/pkc-host:hash_cleanup to master

    255413f move hash init functions to hash.c

    33be668 move virtio hash init functions to hash.c

    d4f4aed make structure definition accessible from algs.h

    a2bace7 remove compiler warnings about unused variables and labels

    564feb6 remove debug-print compiler warnings

    a6dd5d6 make the include tree more shallow

    ed759f1 remove block of not-used macros

    8daa0a6 replace unused debug-print switch

    82001b1 remove dead/commented code

    e58a21b Merge pull request #8 in SDK/pkc-host from ~B18196/pkc-host:bugfix_QSDK-2327 to master

    367235b add firmware fixes for board in PKC mode

    6bf2320 Merge pull request #5 in SDK/pkc-host from ~B18196/pkc-host:bugfix_hash_array_index to master

    dc26e18 bound-check digest operation before array indexing

    d596ccb clean-up exit logic in hash_cra_init

    e4df9e0 remove dead code in algs_reg.h

    9aa8c6f fix debug-print typo

    7d9751b fix error-path clean-up for fsl_crypto_pci_probe

    d52f083 refactoring: extract loop into fsl_request_irqs function

    b467d27 refactoring: extract code-blocks into reusable functions

    64dd967 cache the interrupt type for later

    1ad35e9 fix isr_context memory deallocation

    1130b94 save the actual requested irq number to free later

    4526b47 use a single variable to remember the interrupt type

    a972d1e refactoring: extract clean-up code into a function

    48afa04 rename error code variable

    4bb959e check for NULL pointers before dereferencing

    ac2fc15 partial revert of c_buffers references to fix digest regression

    6917577 fix incorrect buffer mem distribution

    815942b dh.c: make variable declaration local to the code-block using it

    6bd72b7 add comments requesting handshake clarifications

    7be5358 refactoring: extract code block into send_hs_init_config() function

    a7569d9 make num_of_rings uint8_t as in the rest of the code

    c1adb61 fix 64bit compiler warning on printf type conversion

    11a31e0 remove comments that duplicate code

    296ac75 remove unnecessary NULL check for 'prev' pointer

    9db737b remove cli binary from the package

    c25fc89 merge prev and after pointers as they perform the same role

    499e212 check for non-null pointer to continue rsa operation

    897efd2 remove unnecessary initializations

    186da4e sanitize function alloc_crypto_mem()

    71dbe8b remove "retry alloc" feature

    e9eba60 substitude macro with a local variable

    15599db remove un-reachable code

    0f20b53 fix memory deallocation on ecdsa_keygen_test

    ddd3c5f snprintf to safer buffer boundaries

    93d41be fix compiler warning: zero-length gnu_printf format string

    d544973 minor clean-up of variable definitions in inner code-block

    f4fa7f4 revert condition to decrease code indentation

    44de183 return error if we see too many <ring> labels

    16fc7ff use uint8_t to avoid explicit downcasts in assignments

    7406811 comment unused code and leave it as a reminder

    c6a3dca use uint8_t to hold values for 'struct buffer_header' flag field

    360d092 rsa: return error if given an unsupported request type

    dcfcc82 use u16 to hold values for offset in struct sec4_sg_entry

    7689504 fix creation of circular list

    7e9934b remove unreachable code

    ad95665 return from callback if device config is not found

    3c4fcd3 remove redundant initialization of 'loop'

    86a3cca refactoring: extract common code in both branches of if statement

    6b1e6cf init completion before enqueuing the operation

    634b3f6 refactoring: use crypto_op_t to identify rng operations

    6316fe8 fix test in if statement

    ec1d529 initialize error code in case we have an incorrect no_secs value

    1f766cb fix error checking in rng initialization logic

    bc09c80 remove redundant initializations

    885eee8 remove redundant temporary variable

    83d01d3 use u16 type to hold msi/msix interrupt vector entries

    533942f add explicit cast to avoid static code analysis issues

    6083b6c check buffer boundaries in prepare_crypto_cfg_info_string()

    d092710 sanitize parsing_test_command() function

    9666743 fix clean-up path for fsl_crypto_layer_add_device

    be74851 remove unnecessary variable

    739b08e change function type from int32_t to void

    d95aaa2 remove dummy code

    6f32f94 check for buffer boundaries before copying

    e495e63 use flag setters/getters to reduce code duplication

    ad23ae5 add more utilities to get/set flag values

    bcf3a1e refactoring: replace space indentation with tabs

    be34550 use positive logic in #ifdef #else #endif blocks

    7a36935 check for memory allocation errors on pool inits

    d36c2dd move assignment inside the block where it is used


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit 24bdba4c7eec0b7790ff515851cca3eff6bec1cd

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Thu Dec 3 16:56:42 2015 +0800


    ipc: update to commit b010e35


    New commits imported:

    b010e35 Makefile: use KBUILD_OUTPUT to point to build-artifacts


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit d61b7fd8fd6601ffa1529fedb60b16416ca2c7b6

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Tue Dec 22 16:50:19 2015 +0800


    ipc-module: define SOC outside of do_compile


    the SOC need to be availble for all tasks as it used in EXTRA_OEMAKE.

    otherwise, make clean will break


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit b8f5559b76a512a05a936227b931c3d0b89964df

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Wed Dec 23 23:19:23 2015 +0800


    qemu: empty not supported gnutls PACKAGECKG


    Fix below error:

    | DEBUG: Executing shell function do_configure

    | ERROR: unknown option --disable-gnutls


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit e740fd5822cf589ef7f22f13484131fd5181325b

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Thu Dec 3 10:52:15 2015 +0800


    qemu: update to commit 8362a29


    New commits imported:

    8362a29 nbd: fix type conversion error when doing ioctl


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit 2666439d17f28cfb42cbb9387b0e222306b1b689

Author: Laurentiu Tudor <Laurentiu.Tudor@...>

Date:   Mon Oct 26 14:22:42 2015 +0200


    qemu: enable back libusb through PACKAGECONFIG


    This fixes usb passthrough support.


    Signed-off-by: Laurentiu Tudor <Laurentiu.Tudor@...>

    Cc: Lu Wei <wei.lu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit 945a8600551cd25f787478e2e242b64757f96761

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Thu Dec 3 10:50:31 2015 +0800


    usdpaa-apps: update to commit 1d9418a


    New commits imported:

    1d9418a dpa_offload: Avoid creating multiple tables using the same Cc nodes

    5a1f54e dpa_offload: Support multiple IPSec policies per tunnel


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit 290dac958f2ed821a5a54f67292a8ba770d8e428

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Thu Dec 3 00:03:31 2015 +0800


    usdpaa: update to commit b73546d


    New commits imported:

    b73546d Merge pull request #59 in SDK/usdpaa from ~R54964/usdpaa:sdk-v1.8.x to sdk-v1.8.x

    9f5bf07 qbman: add null check for lni while releasing sp

    c414204 qbman: enable sending cscn to dcp for old qman revision

    41d2593 qbman: hardcode the mps

    6e644c7 qbman: Handle lock failure and memory leak

    a8746fc dma_mem: Add check for lock failures

    e45130e usdpaa: Relocate spin_lock_destroy calls

    4e68d11 usdpaa: Update standalone-env and Makefile.kw


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit c505c874541cad25ad9f4504132a30dd6e441518

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Thu Dec 3 10:47:28 2015 +0800


    ceetm: update to commit 2c79d0b


    New commits imported:

    2c79d0b ceetm: asf dummy packet hook in ceetm

    179d761 ceetm: improved error handling

    ceb2646 ceetm: Adding support for vlan and large packets

    83243fd ceetm: use the extended dpa_tx call from dpaa

    6126e29 ceetm: set the fq context_a for buffer recycling

    4cbb1ba Revert "Avoid crash on incorrect classid result with classifier"

    aaa61ff Revert "ceetm: redefine the print_rate function"

    c2de120 Makefile: use KBUILD_OUTPUT to point to build-artifacts

    b000e91 Avoid crash on incorrect classid result with classifier

    2242e7a ceetm: redefine the print_rate function


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit 18ee86fd1dba519eeed5279d2b6be4e5978a8d41

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Tue Dec 22 15:46:54 2015 +0800


    ceetm: set COMPATIBLE_MACHINE as t104x/e6500-64b


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit c5972d99dbb6b474975337d0fdd0ea2da5d3880f

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Tue Aug 18 20:47:29 2015 +0800


    pkc-firmware: update to commmit 32804a0


    New commits imported:

    32804a0 note on global variable definition

    29a0bcb rename variable "p_cursor" and make it global

    48e9ab1 remove unnecessary "l2_cursor" variable

    a15c204 add -Wall and -Werror to build options

    fa58ed6 fix typo regarding the use of "struct sec_jr_regs"

    8fcd0bc enable large bursts for DECO transactions

    ca35ed5 refactor code for masking interrupts from SEC

    3e36d4f refactor code for setting SEC pointer size

    8a7f971 remove unneeded commented "print_debug()"

    c73303d move defines at the start of the file

    afcfd66 remove commented (#if 0) code

    32d119a remove unnecessary type definition "kek_regs_t"

    4d99599 remove unnecessary type definition "rng_regs_t"

    d7e65e5 refactor: added defines for better consistency

    21a4853 refactor: move defines at the start of the file

    baa8a25 remove unnecessary type definition "sec_jr_regs_t"

    df0dd86 remove unnecessary type definition "sec_op_ring_t"

    f70c14f remove unnecessary type definition "sec_ip_ring_t"

    11ed223 remove unnecessary type definition "sec_jr_t"

    ba47de3 remove unnecessary commented instruction

    b9063e4 remove unnecessary type definition "sec_engine_t"

    620cf5f remove unnecessary type definition "resource_t"

    bef6960 remove not used function

    c4a078e fix incorrect handling of multiple rings

    92c6b71 c2x0_boot_loader/u-boot.lds: remove _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_ definition

    453eaa9 use a logical definition for MIN

    570aadd rearrange code and remove leftovers after IRQ fix patch

    2f31558 rename variable to better match its purpose

    029cc82 remove artificial SEC dequeue and enqueue throttling

    b6fe293 use a bigger type for req_mem_size

    e22d91f fix incorrect IRQ signalling to host

    692981c remove not unused #define

    7e2fbd4 remove redundant c_mem_layout_t typedef

    377daaa remove redundant fsl_h_mem_handshake_t typedef

    52f75d0 remove redundant crypto_c_hs_mem_t typedef

    f126673 use smaller type for index

    8c8f4ec refactoring: fix reference to the upper half of the L2 SRAM

    0092a57 refactoring: remove inner code blocks

    6853157 clean-up whitespace and debug-print output

    c3720dd refactoring hs: extract hs_complete

    3677b1c refactoring hs: extract fw_init_ring_pair

    78ea81b refactoring hs: extract fw init config

    cc416c2 minor fixes in code layout

    0076df7 fix typos and clarify comments

    0ab33aa remove unused variable

    17607d2 use positive logic in conditional code

    5d3886f Merge pull request #2 in SDK/pkc-firmware from bugfix/QSDK-2327-pkc-host-driver-does-not-insert to master

    c0256e0 clean-up whitespace and indentation in uboot_print.c

    8f5be56 fix compiler warnings on static declarations

    f3bc222 use a no-op printf when PRINT_DEBUG is disabled

    541a7ed make void the function c2x0_serial_init

    8ecba2c enable debug prints from config.mk and move definitions to uboot_print.h

    9ef2eb5 remove conditional for always-on code

    bd52b94 update build instructions

    d872219 refactoring: resetdev: extract code blocks into readable functions

    f5301c1 remove unused variables

    0931e3b refactoring: move defines out of the function for clarity

    040cb61 refactoring: secstat: extract code blocks into readable functions

    77fa0e1 refactoring: pingdev: extract code blocks into readable functions

    91bf581 refactoring: ringstat: extract code blocks into readable functions

    7559c79 refactoring: devstat: extract code blocks into readable functions

    af9d455 refactoring: resetsec: extract code blocks into readable functions

    17b0905 refactoring: debug: extract code blocks into readable functions

    09fa9a8 remove not-used variable

    ae691e8 whitespace clean-up

    3e6700e update build instructions


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit 06d86bb72271cbacbcefb477985eb86b0e4b4425

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Wed Dec 2 23:53:46 2015 +0800


    skmm-host: update to commit 41a448d


    New commits imported:

    41a448d fix dequeueing problem for dsa sign-verify test

    290790a proper buffer cleanup for dsa sign-verify test

    c4d8129 rename variable to better reflect its purpose

    1e555ae remove unnecessary else branches

    ddddb78 clean-up code flow

    dec7b96 fix memory clean-up on error path

    59e5746 remove redundant variables initialization

    60431a8 remove dead code

    3badec6 set default file paths to where we install them

    6b23ee3 add more rules to .gitignore

    b03ff68 remove unnecessary function call

    86c1b1d remove cascade of defined and not used variables

    8344196 remove dead code

    faa9cbe fix typos - probably from copy/paste


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit c9219c19f29cacc878287d657b409d304aece177

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Wed Dec 2 23:52:17 2015 +0800


    rcw: update to commit 521008f


    New commits imported:

    521008f t1023rdb: RCW's added for Secure Boot

    9e7c9d9 t1040qds: rcw: Add SD card SDR mode RCW

    7467e6e t1040qds: rcw: set HWA_CGA_M1_CLK_SEL to 1

    07af33e t2080qds: rcw: Add eMMC HS200 mode RCW

    57fd2c9 t1040qds: rcw: Add eMMC HS200 mode RCW

    e0b2272 arm: ls1021atwr: fix a bug change serdes to 0x30

    795e6e7 arm: ls1021atwr: remove rcw for serdes 0x20

    553eff7 arm: ls1021atwr: Change serdes 0x20 to 0x30

    8847c6d arm: ls1021atwr: Add rcw for serdes 0x30 support

    988d1ca arm: ls1021atwr: Enable Audio and HDMI for 0x70

    1d4f34e arm: ls1021atwr: Enable DSPI2 when boot from QSPI and NOR

    690613a arm: ls102xa: update PBI for PCIe and SCFG

    27642c2 arm: ls102xa: Adjust the PBI command about the load address of U-Boot for NOR boot


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit ed5ecce3c50a13439dc86d4be1b46d79660030f9

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Thu Oct 29 17:39:59 2015 +0800


    rcw: swap qspi binary in do_install_append


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit 666b7775d7840bc4185a3c848fc5358bf84f0758

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Wed Dec 2 23:48:32 2015 +0800


    fmlib: update to commit d697de9


    New commits imported:

    d697de9 fmlib: remove cc-aging support

    9ec11a2 fmlib: fix coherency of data structures with fmd

    d357b76 Merge pull request #8 in DPAAMODULES/fmlib from ~R27762/fmlib:add_hm_node_stats to master

    7523dd1 fmlib: add support for FM_PCD_KgSchemeGetCounter

    c1fd2c3 Render header manip node statistics available in user space

    2a9113a fmlib: fix policer spelling issues

    5e77666 fmlib: Remove FM_PORT_PcdPrsModifyStartOffset routine - not supported

    4cdcebd fmlib: Update fmlib function name to its correct declaration name


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit 621f00629f2dc5574293d310a1dfdb0596bb3611

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Wed Dec 2 23:47:44 2015 +0800


    fmc: update to commit a079d2c


    New commits imported:

    a079d2c update variable names to match fmlib changes

    44b1f42 Revert "Aging support added for classification"

    9732cd8 Aging support added for classification

    03505c3 [QSDK-2331] fmc: PIR/PBS are considered synonyms for CIR/CBS in policer tags

    757754b ENGR00341753: Schemes sharing between ports is not working

    eca7122 Added makefile support for LS1043


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit d8226a418aa83879e9826f812d7cb6ed227fcb70

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Wed Dec 2 23:39:51 2015 +0800


    fm-ucode: update to commit 33c6c7a


    New commits imported:

    33c6c7a fm-ucode: replace b4860_r2.0 file by b4860_r2.2

    a039bc9 fm-ucode: release 106_x_17 version

    b55c6e0 fm-ucode: release 106_x_16 version

    6184be0 fm-ucode: add missing files for _108_ version

    143ca18 fm-ucode: release 108_x_5 version


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit 4874fc2a1e9ef4cb5c4cd8cc1efe3579c80cd469

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Tue Dec 22 17:00:00 2015 +0800


    cst: update to commit 65f79eb


    Update LIC_FILES_CHKSUM as the code layout changed.

    New commits imported:

    65f79eb Corrected Bit number printing for LayerScape SoC's

    336e5f3 Added attribution to Brad Conte for SHA256 code

    6d867f4 OTPMK and DRV utilities have been renamned

    0cf0787 Hash_DRBG library license chanaged to BSD

    4c941cd VERBOSITY option added in Makefile

    8313f56 Makefile modified for distclean

    becbb28 OTPMK Hamming algorithm used from library

    f3c205f Library compiled as a static library

    d17368c hash_drbg library integrated in CST

    66ac7df CST directory structure modified

    f84a78e Memory errors resolved

    ea0ead0 gen_otpmk: Corrected bit Order Printing

    74bbb24 LS1043: Input Files added

    2f8225a LS1:: Modify input file addresses for LS1021 Rev2.0


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit 597d7980ad85e23d60a5e1e60c4f36438bff36d8

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Wed Dec 2 23:37:56 2015 +0800


    asf: update to commit 9580a62


    New commits imported:

    9580a62 asf_ipsec: Patch to fix the compilation error.

    e7a1828 Merge pull request #84 in SDK/asf from ~B49015/asf:sdk_1.9_master to sdk_1.9_master

    eee4467 DEBUG: compilation error fixed when ASF_IPSEC_DEBUF flag is enabled.

    71db029 asf_tcp: Patch to correct tcp timestamp type.

    f8e3df0 IPSEC: Fixed for stack dump on running fragmented ping traffic

    c63ffa5 asfipsec: Patch to fix iph issue in non-proto offload case.

    7170610 asfipsec: Patch to decrement buffer count of all frag in red off case

    f5cd876 asfipsec: Patch to fix inSA offload in NAT-T case.

    d455e70 Makefile: use KBUILD_OUTPUT to point to build-artifacts

    be19cd0 asf_frag: Patch to fix crash on mtu change.

    0f88dae asf_ipv6_frag: Patch to fix ipv6 UDP frag and ping6 forwarding issue.

    8c3f4bc ipsecfp.h: Patch to add support of SHA2-384 and SHA2-512

    03bd11a ipsecfp.c: Patch to fix crash in ipsec in full mode.

    e2213ef ipsec ctrl - correction in container index check

    33e0fd4 ipsec - ah - fix the fragmentation case for dpbp check

    f5f542d asf - return packets to linux on interface not found

    1c7241e asfipsec - 64 bit support Signed-off-by: Hemant Agrawal <Hemant@...>

    879b161 asfctrl - using ASF defined number of interfaces

    83b6181 IPSEC: Crash fixed in case of revalidation

    1b26690 ASF_REASM_DEBUG: Fix for compilation error when ASF_REASM_DEBUG is enabled

    74a5953 ASF_DEBUG: Improving prints for ASF Debugging

    eee54a3 asf icmp reply support for DF flag

    10e3bf8 asfipsec - error checks, debug prints and error handling corrections

    c47696c ipsec - lock, unlikely, null checks

    5d26d9f ipsec- meaningfull caam error prints

    834f88a asfipsec-ah- correction in ah shared desc direction

    88edb32 asf_ipsec: adds the support for SHA2 algorithms in AH.

    ca8c486 ASFIPSEC: While deleting container properly freeing the pSASPDMapNode in SA

    c2c81cc ASF_IPSEC: Wrong counter being incremented. When OuSA is not found

    32cea7f ASFIPSEC: Patch to avoid looping in case of rekeying on running traffic.

    239c317 ASF_IPSEC: Adding local_bh_enable() in error case. CQ:ENGR00336981 Signed-off-by: Sridhar Pothuganti <sridhar.pothuganti@...> Change-Id: If72f7135fe5e294a51f0c582bdbd56ca3c78f844 Reviewed-on: http://git.am.freescale.net:8181/24207 Reviewed-by: Nikhil Agarwal <Nikhil.Agarwal@...> Reviewed-by: Sandeep Malik <Sandeep.Malik@...> Tested-by: Sandeep Malik <Sandeep.Malik@...>

    42837b8 ASF_IPSEC_AH: ASFSkbFree is not happening for DPAA/QMAN based platforms in some error cases as the free is under check. Correcting this. CQ:ENGR00336981 Signed-off-by: Sridhar Pothuganti <sridhar.pothuganti@...> Change-Id: Iaf847710cf583ff4d7e708013af77f522027e2eb Reviewed-on: http://git.am.freescale.net:8181/24208 Reviewed-by: Arun Pathak <arun.pathak@...> Reviewed-by: Sandeep Malik <Sandeep.Malik@...> Tested-by: Sandeep Malik <Sandeep.Malik@...>

    e0410f9 ASFIPSEC: [sswan] Fix for issues with Child SA re-negotiation.

    e52f3c5 ASFIPSEC: Patch to fix flow re-validation issue.

    b99fb26 ASF_IPSEC: Freeing the skb in case of ICV comparion failed for AH

    163ed89 asf: Patch to fix ping6 fragmentation issue.

    48220d7 asf: Patch to fix skb data pointer and other frag issue.

    2ff46e7 ASF for DPAA integrated with Linux QoS module

    a7d1981 asf-disabling qos compilation for dpaa platforms

    8bcee43 ipsec-changing multi-policy sa support to be compile time

    580a4f7 ipsecproc: Patch to fix display of ipsec stats.

    955d26f asfctrl: Patch to fix error print when vlan i/f is removed.

    44a5110 asf_fmc: Patch to update the name of xml files.

    9f67f3f asf: Patch to fix ipv6 issue on dpaa.

    fac492d asf: Patch to return jumbo packet back

    6b3d862 Removing Ethernet padding in abuf to skb conversion

    db49a6b Aligning function ASFFFPProcessAndSendFD and ASFFFPProcessAndSendPkt while validating flows

    6b5e75d ASFIPSEC: Patch to fix issues of order conversion while code review.

    1c80cd5 Klocwork_LS1021_ASF: Fixing klocwork issues.

    6a4a834 ASF ARM Porting: Using ASF network order and host order macros.

    e60d41c asfipsec: Patch to fix crash in running traffic when ipsec script is run.

    b682589 Adding HARD_TX_LOCK while doing dev hard xmit.

    da26fbd ASFIPSEC: Fix for out_sa stats not incremented in IPv6

    3a41ff1 ASFQOS: Crash on configuring DRR QDisc after flushing out DRR Qdisc first time.

    04fd26d ASFIPSEC: Patch to fix ICV error due to cache cohorency issue.

    26b8f9d ASFIPSEC: Porting ASFIPSEC to LS1021

    80d1153 ASFIPSEC: Flushing ah-sha1 policy at high rate

    982d542 Firewall rules don't work if applied, before flows get offloaded.

    a7a2fee ASF_FW/NAT: SCP is not working when SNAT [IPv4/IPv6] is enabled on the DUT.

    9d2ed93 Applying Firewall rule in running traffic gives CRASH.

    426aefa ASFIPSEC: Getting crash while testing for IPv6-in-IPv6 ESP with TCP protocol.

    d3843de ASFIPSEC: Crash on making interface down.

    ae72e06 ASF IPv6 Firewall: Sending high rate traffic in the

    e19c45e ASF ARM Porting: While forwarding if we down Egress interface, we get crash.

    c01729e ASF ARM Porting: Cannot remove configured VLan

    0ac82ad ASFIPSEC: Porting IPSEC AH to LS1021A (arm based).

    38671c3 ASF ARM porting: IPv6 Fragmentation

    fb2ca85 ASF ARM porting: IPv4 Fragmentation

    471a4b2 ASF ARM porting: IPv6 forwarding with TCP/UDP header.

    4d443a1 ASF ARM Porting: Removing compilation error of ASF without rx tx patch in linux.

    aa33f01 ASF ARM porting: IPv4 forwarding with UDP/TCP header.

    f5a8705 ASF ARM porting: Defining order conversion macros.

    3f76910 ASF ARM porting: Setting ARCH=$(ARCH) in Makefile

    d5dabe7 ASF: Removing compilation error because of updation in linux structure 'dpa_priv_s'.

    01cd004 asf: Patch to fix crash in case of ipsec at high rate traffic.

    66fe758 asfipsec_ah: Patch to fix sha256 in case of AH only.

    a81d920 asf: Patch to fix wrong port no assigned in ipsec flow.

    8ebb93b asf: Patch to handle ipv6 traffic in case of seqno overflow.

    fcd0843 asf: Patch to fix sha256 issue.

    7467249 Crash observed with AH-ONLY-SHA384

    9e37dc8 asf: Patch to fix some klockwork issue.

    e1b2a12 ASFIPSEC: Adding support for handling IPv6 in IPv4 and IPv4 in IPv6 case in QMAN SEC4x

    3c05ad1 ASFIPSEC: TOS is not correctly copied in IPv4 in IPv6 case

    6363e0b Solution to Fragmented packets are not getting through AH tunnel

    5a96807 asf: Patch to fix tail pointer-offset issue in 64-bit machine.

    26375d3 ASFIPSEC: Solving problem in secfp_inCompleteCheckAndTrimPkt code

    bdb17ab ASFIPSEC: Solving case of infinite loop in secfp_qman_out_submit

    13dc5a9 ASFIPSEC: Freeing correct sgt pointer in espDQRRCallback

    ca75bf9 ASFIPSEC: Incrementing pSG->len by ulFragPadlen in secfp_qman_in_submit

    a58ba45 ASFIPSEC: struct addr in scatter_gather_entry_t is changed.

    81d797b ASFIPSEC: Linearising frag_list or nr_frags coming from Linux

    9458153 asf: Patch to remove conflict of skb cb field b/w reasm and ipsec.

    4d3993b Solution to ESP IP pakcet more than interface MTU going out

    1175536 ASFIPSEC: Handling seq number overflow in espDQRRCallback

    b5fb8fc ASF: Removing compilation error after adding patch: "ASFFFP adding support for PPP-IPV6 traffic"

    4018106 ASFFFP - adding support for PPP-IPV6 traffic

    b26d25f asf_klockwork: Patch to fix issue reported by klockwork

    36ffe84 ASFIPSEC: Fix for crash seen on T4240 in case of ping

    ef4a7a1 asf_compilation: Patch to remove the compilation warnings.

    3f7d40c secfp_finishOffloadOutPacket: corrected the SPD index value l2blob refresh

    837a5f9 ASFIPSEC_AH: Fix for crash seen on T4240 in AH only case

    745a912 ASFIPSEC: Fixing miscellaneous error

    1cdde18 asfIpv4Fragment was not copying the IP options in fragmented packets.

    62b1311 asfIpv4Defrag IP header length corruption solved

    c7c8ba3 ASF fragmentation: Buffer freed in case of VLAN parent device  not found

    2c478eb asf_free_buf_skb function was not considering the frag_lsit while releasing the buffer to BMan. asf_free_buf_skb is also called, in error case, after ip reassemmbly. In that case the buffers are leaked.

    d0572b1 ASFIPSEC: Removing compilation errors.

    ee1e3e8 ASF_IPSEC: Fix for SA leak(Orphaned SA wothout Container)

    b2ac65f asf_ipsec: Patch to add the support for AH in Sec 3.x

    44cb2b0 asf_reasm: Patch to fix the processing for re-asm.

    99f89ed asf_ipsec: Patch for multi-policy single SA additional cases.

    a6cb24c ASF-IPSEC:SA flush with traffic through the DUT causing crash.

    fd7f119 ASFCTRL: Out SA is not getting offloaded if SA and then policy is configured.

    93eb52b TC/TOS in inner header is not getting copied to TOS/TC of outer header respectively.

    0fc4363 asf: Resolve fragmentation issue in case of red-off ipsec.

    2ed8b33 ASF: Patch to fix hop-limit/ttl decrement in asf IPSec module.

    d6cc5b5 ASFREASM: Patch to fix the crash in case cb not found.

    aef3564 asf_ipsec_ah: Patch to fix the issue of ping6 not working.

    5a82c4d ASFIPSEC: Use correct length in descriptor while using dpovrd for multiple policy.

    f305c67 asf_ipsec: Patch to fix the ICV errors in case of ESN.

    9b5ae90 asf_ipsec: Patch to fix the crash seen in case of AH IPsec.

    ae85d24 ASFIPSEC: Trim correct fragment after decrypting packet.

    8d2c11c ASFIPSEC_AH: Search AH table to find SA in case of dropping packet.

    d83a4d5 ASFIPSEC: Changing the block size of AES-CTR.

    a37f009 ASFIPSEC: Added des/3des-xcbc support.

    38259f6 asf_ipsec: Patch for ICV errors seen in case of SHA256.

    07e2c90 ASFIPSEC: Fix for ASF-IPSec to run with SA first then policy configuration.

    62844a7 asf_ipsec: Patch to fix the issue of crash in Ping6.

    4f60755 asf_ipsec: Patch to add the support of multiple policy mapping to single SA.

    b5c14e6 ASF-AH: Take care of padding in ICV of AH Header

    98c79ea asf_ipsec: Patch to fix the issue of errors introduced while removing the compilation errors.

    31ab748 asf_ipsec: Patch to fix the issue of memory leak for ping6.

    0e3836e asfipsec: TCP retransmission fails with IPSec configuration.

    efdf28a ASF-IPv6-IPSEC : proper link table creation for IPv6 packets having nr_frags

    69fccba ASFIPSEC: Correcting the in_sa and sa_list stats display

    6552560 sf_ipsec: Patch to fix the issue of packet drop for > 1360 bytes.

    55be89f ASFIPSEC: Added support for NULL XCBC algorithm.

    a2a0982 asf_ipsec_qos: Patch to fix the memory leak in IPsec module.

    103094e asf_ipsec: Patch to fix the AH IPv6 ping with ESN.

    24cde96 ASFIPSEC: Fragment the IPv4 packet if required and send for IPv4-in-IPv6 tunnel.

    2c16da6 ASF: setting gianfar_destructor to NULL before sending packet to linux.

    9d817d0 asf_ipsec: Patch to add the support to copy DSCP from inner to outer header.

    0992f05 IPSEC: fix for fragmentation data buffer corruption.

    db18bda IPSEC- Supporting cipher algo AES-CTR, ESP-NULL and

    81b20cd asfipsec-enabling seq overflow handling and adding re-keying in overflow case.

    c23b1ae IPSEC-supporting PMTU based icmp in Source NAT case.

    fd708ce asfipsec-fix the tail stripping for fragmented packets

    1887c6d asfipsec-optimizing the mtu length check and l2blob expiry.

    76c5d69 Fixed ESP padding in IPsec to be monotonically increasing numbers.

    ca74bfa ASF: Removing compilation errors for XTRA Stats

    606c594 Adding more functionality in asf_pktdump

    80c8fa0 ASF: Supporting Multiple flows in SCTP

    2ba1847 ASF: Miscellaneous changes

    d27137e ASF: Supporting SCTP traffic in firewall/NAT

    82a89e4 ASF: Invalidate all VSG's in asfctrl_invalidate_sessions function

    ec6d625 ASF: Added VSG support

    df42b23 ASF_V6: Patch to fix crash if first fragmented packet is sent to Linux

    63a13e2 ASF: optimization of SG while fragmentation to reuse the first buffer

    7718065 ASF: Check the more fragment bit for IPv6 at proper offset

    810f173 ASF_FFP: Patch to fix the race condition in case of RT

    c9e4edd ASF: dummy functions removal

    e63f176 ASF: Making asfGetNode and asfReleaseNode thread safe

    3e8e7b3 ASF: Fix for iface_not_found problem when device ifindex > 16

    1354c95 ASF_REASMBLY: Modifying IP options only if option header is present

    349d6d9 ASF: Change the dummy packet offset

    b3ee577 ASF: made old_l2blob_jiffies_timeout user configurable

    93c4864 ASF - runtime packet dump support

    2471d1d ASF Cleanup - Timer RQ corrections

    4180b6e Using IP header Identifcation field from the Head SKB itself.

    a82969d ASF_IPv6: Porting the miscellenous changes for IPv6 activity.

    61c08a4 ASF STATS - Adding extra stats for Reassembly and Timer

    6def023 ASFSTATS - Enhancing the stats printing

    3009524 Replacing printk with pr_err, pr_info, pr_warning

    1f896bf ASF: Patch to avoid creation of duplicate flows

    5862af3 ASF: Patch to add support for ip_options.

    4c58c87 ASFIPSEC: Adding proc interface for showing IN/OUT SA list

    4398bc9 ASF: Cleanup and reallignement of common global variables

    1ebe80c ASFCTRL: Enabling the net MTU change event

    7062cec ASF_REASSEM: Allocating fragmentation frame from outer dev

    2875982 ASF: Minor enhancements

    d41f350 ASF: Setting skb->next to null in asfReasmCleanCb

    51d7efa ASF: Defining dimensioning macros at single place

    93d673d ASF: updating the the asf reassembly library


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit 40730a065555cccaa02f9cd4897e3dc07d94407e

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Tue Dec 22 16:43:36 2015 +0800


    asf: remove empty install directories


    If ASF was not enabled in kernel, no .ko will be generated.

    rm these empty install directories to avoid QA issue.


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit c64596c2af208c45c3f56890ad6fd11913464618

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Tue Dec 22 15:49:44 2015 +0800


    asf: not package .ko files in PN


    The .ko files will be packaged into kernel-modules-asf by default.


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit 4bb28c7db2340c6b5c6f024512ebca65f7163509

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Wed Dec 2 23:35:18 2015 +0800


    apptrk: update to commit 4216af3


    New commits imported:

    4216af3 Fix stepping over branch instructions in Thumb

    59524e6 Error while reading CPSR

    712a099 PowerPC Support for hardware breakpoints and watchpoints

    c7c4b2b Incorrect mode (thumb/arm) after exec()

    4e962d4 Thumb support for ARMv7

    fd94e7f Fix TrkHandleExecEvent for ARMv7

    50e2180 Invalidate traced breakpoint after release in TargetCleanupTrace for PA

    18f4450 Fix crash when running a 32bit threaded application on a 64bit AppTrk


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit 5530b9c442600bc46b6148e522f2e856823d135b

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Tue Dec 22 17:18:55 2015 +0800


    qoriq-debug: remove as it is not supported


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit f40514cbbda9af1de8d77739254d4375ce3b86bd

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Tue Dec 22 15:46:05 2015 +0800


    auto-resp: set COMPATIBLE_MACHINE as t104x


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit 19f156cb16a8eb89d9179df683cb1649c4659aa4

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Tue Dec 22 17:07:19 2015 +0800


    move layer specific bbappend to dynamic-layers


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit e6ca5a2113979473214842735ac781f70830153a

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Tue Oct 27 13:50:26 2015 +0800


    lxc: add bbappend to enable seccomp


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit a2f6f66fb22a8ff117dd8dbade99bee028f61cc3

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Wed Oct 21 23:30:36 2015 +0800


    cryptodev: update to match commit 53e4d0fe


    New commits imported:

    53e4d0f fix COMPAT_CIOCKEY ioctl command number

    7d0d0de remove MAY_BACKLOG flag from requests

    85146b8 fix double free pkc->req on error

    4078382 check return codes for copy to/from user functions


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit 6f8a4a8a2da156ebea842cdf79e862c90c138ed5

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Tue Dec 22 16:57:05 2015 +0800


    skmm-ep: add ARCH in EXTRA_OEMAKE


    ARCH is needed for all tasks, for example, make clean


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit 3e090b9330cf49246cd69f6161ee39e1c1e41ba3

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Tue Dec 22 16:45:59 2015 +0800


    eth-config: set CLEANBROKEN to 1


    'make clean' not supported.


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit 124ba681cfe9a53394eb3e2851aeb7662c86d63b

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Tue Dec 22 16:45:20 2015 +0800


    ipsec-demo: set COMPATIBLE_MACHINE as qoriq


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit 430208396e6b4bd2d3d91a08397342542bff51f7

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Wed Dec 23 21:03:29 2015 +0800


    linux-qoriq: inherit kernel-arch


    This avoids using hardcoded 'powerpc'.


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit 486c7c091635b8bd7134fb796694bf472c3feed0

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Wed Dec 23 21:01:22 2015 +0800


    linux-qoriq: replace tab with spaces


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit d71375eab4cd6df78cbb57f7a56508957cd6f59e

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Wed Dec 23 20:43:51 2015 +0800


    linux-qoriq: default not install Images into rootfs


    As size limited, kernel image files are not wanted in rootfs.

    Install kernel-image if needed.


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit 6c164a50fefed5383d9598cc0849caa48c3a1282

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Wed Dec 23 20:33:32 2015 +0800


    linux-qoriq: update to commit 43cecda


    New commits imported:

    43cecda fmd: remove cc-aging support

    867551d fmd: relocate aging_support field to maintain compatibility

    08d3161 Merge pull request #75 in SDK/linux-devel from ~R52568/linux-devel:hotfix/QLINUX-3938-fmd-ioc_compat_fm_pcd_kg_scheme_spc_t to master

    1cf7b57 fmd: PCD: fix offline port blocked by fragmented IPV6

    295abbb fmd: move compat_copy_fm_pcd_kg_scheme_spc out of DPAA 11 def

    976b0aa fmd: PCD: fix offline port blocked by fragmented IPV6

    b242e9c fmd: Add support for IPF after HMan

    fd8e7c7 Merge pull request #69 in SDK/linux-devel from ~R27762/linux-devel:add_hm_node_stats to master

    1c291fd Merge pull request #72 in SDK/linux-devel from ~B56421/linux-devel_sdk_ip-usb:bugfix/QSDK-2454 to master

    50eea51 Merge pull request #48 in SDK/linux-devel from ~R52568/linux-devel:bugfix/QLINUX-3822-monitoring-any-match-inside-hash to master

    dd05648 arm: dts: ls1021a: Add dma-coherent property to usb3 node

    e8c288e drivers: dwc3: Set dma ops for xhci dev

    56afee9 drivers: dwc3 : Add support for USB snooping

    3f83306 drivers: dwc3: host: Change burst beat and outstanding pipelined transfers requests.

    1666d68 fmd: add ioctl call to retrieve scheme counter - spc

    a9d0ea5 fmd: Render header manip node statistics available in user space

    e176e3f fmd: fix compat layer for aging_support

    3a8d082 Merge pull request #65 in SDK/linux-devel from ~R01356/linux-devel:bugfix/QUSDPA-704-segfault-in-dma_mem-allocator.c to master

    a57ffba Merge pull request #64 in SDK/linux-devel from ~B06830/linux-devel:bugfix/QSDK-2404-cryptodev-linux-sha1-offloading to master

    0586472 Merge pull request #63 in SDK/linux-devel from ~B29983/linux-devel-tyt:QSDK-2438-there-is-some-improper-information to master

    61f0e11 Merge pull request #61 in SDK/linux-devel from ~R54964/linux-devel:bug-fix to master

    cfb981f dev-exporting dev functions to support ceetm

    e98f36e fsl_usdpaa: Remove TLB entries when unmapping memory

    8700bab crypto: caam - Change kmalloc to kzalloc to avoid residual data

    4fd8cac crypto: caam - fix memory corruption in ahash_final_ctx

    16d4087 crypto: caam - Fix incorrect size when DMA unmapping buffer

    270c770 crypto: caam - improve initalization for context state saves

    67ef9d13 crypto: caam - enable LARGE_BURST for enhancing DMA transactions size

    2c27666 crypto: caam - make write transactions bufferable on PPC platforms

    418316c cpufreq: qoriq: fix output information error

    300c3ff fsl-qbman: Handle memory leaks

    56e16e2 fsl-pme: Check for null pointers

    3ac31aa fsl-dce: Handle memory allocation failures

    e11b65b fsl-dce: Correct error paths and add new labels

    ea1259d fsl_qbman: null check for lni in qman_ceemt_sp_release

    e82a761 fmd: fix locks in ModifyKey function

    dedb4b3 fmd: support aging in CC

    0506053 pci/layerscape: Do not check link status

    e03bbdd asf_tcp_nf: Patch to correct typecast in tcp timestamp copy.

    91aade9 Revert "gianfar: Add dma transfer endian property support"

    03dd666 kconfig-asf : asf_qos disabled with asf by default

    b8d41cb dev-asf-qos - correcting the qos hooks for dpaa linux qos

    18b0779 dpaa_eth: fix bpool seeding for advanced drivers

    7faf498 net, gianfar, rt: Update TX_TIMEOUT to 5HZ

    502650e net, rt: limit net_rx napi calls in threaded ISR context

    e37ce25 powerpc/t1040/dts: Add interrupts for PHYs connected to L2 Switch ports

    6da728b fmd: support aging in CC

    5cd3a8f fmd: fix policer spelling issues

    b5d9899 fmd: Remove FM_PORT_PcdPrsModifyStartOffset routine - not supported

    4c642e7 fsl_qbman: enable sending cscn to dcp for old qman revision

    b8887bd t4240dts: correct the ceetm node

    f33567a dpaa_eth: Add a configurable dpa_tx call

    e48b858 mmc: sdhci-of-esdhc: fix compile error on ARM platform

    fb9a06b QorIQ/TMU: add TMU node to device tree for QorIQ T1023/T1024

    4fbd4cf QorIQ/TMU: add thermal management support based on TMU

    a9463a3 QorIQ/TMU: add TMU node to device tree for QorIQ T1040/T1042

    6b43e2b thermal: fix cpu_cooling max_level behavior

    f0a70b9 mmc: sdhci-of-esdhc: add SDR50 mode support for SD/MMC Legacy Adapter Card

    9ac6075 mmc: esdhc: add eMMC45 Adapter Card HS200 mode support

    e89634e QorIQ/TMU: add TMU node to device tree for LS1021A

    fd1b282 Merge branch 'feature/LS1-for-SDK' of ssh://sw-stash.freescale.net/dnnpi/ls1-linux-jason into LS1-SDKV04-SDK1.9

    8d3a3ca t104xd4rdb: add DS26522 nodes to device tree

    aaa395f Merge branch 'qoriq-sdk' into LS1-SDK-Rev2.0

    ec78b41 arm: ls1021a: mask interrupts before entering deep sleep

    13d0daf arm: dts: ls1021a: Add transfer mode property in DSPI2 node

    6f50fc1 arm: dts: ls1021atwr: Enable DSPI2 dts node

    7a6dba4 arm: ls1021a: change the order of setting PMC interrupt registers

    4e61417 crypto: caam - fix SEC ERA reading

    bcd5862 crypto: caam - fix snooping for write transactions

    eec616d1 arm/dts: Add node for ina220 on LS1021ATWR-Rev

    3915d65 arm/defconfig: Add Atheros AT803X PHYs support

    e364aa2 QE/HDLC: modify QE-HDLC for both ARM and POWERPC

    bb21962 Test patch: Enable CAN SoC level loopback

    a4c59bc arm/dts: Add nodes for flexcan devices present on LS1021A-Rev2 SoC

    6e9c5a3 can: flexcan: Add support for non RX-FIFO mode

    c466de8 can: flexcan: Remodel FlexCAN register r/w APIs for BE instances

    306f67c can: flexcan: Add ls1021a flexcan device entry

    7e71163d doc/bindings: Add 'endianess' optional-property for FlexCAN controller

    1795472 Revert 'can: flexcan: Add ls1021a flexcan device entry'

    863d717 Revert 'net: can: Remodel FlexCAN register read/write APIs for BE instances'

    41cfacd Revert 'can: flexcan: Add support for non RX-FIFO mode and conditional ERRATA ERR005829 handling'

    8d04086 mmc: sdhci: more efficient interrupt enable register handling

    e08d8bf pci/layerscape: update MSI code for ls1021 rev2 MSI support

    d217d96 mmc: sdhci-pltfm: enable interrupt mode to detect card

    7549302 arm: ls1021a: enable sleep and deep sleep for rev 2.0 silicon

    3aa9846 ls1021a: dts: Add eTSEC info for 2nd interrupt groups

    5217966 Merge branch 'qoriq-sdk' into LS1-SDK-Rev2.0

    02d571e ls102xa: nor: Adjust the partition for NOR flash according to the new mapping table

    78fd893 arm: ls1021a: add deep sleep support on TWR-LS1021A-PB

    b65882a Revert "gianfar: Disable Rx snooping for LS1"

    138b929 Revert "gianfar: Remove tx snooping support from LS1"

    7b56cb1 arm: ls1021a: add platform notifier for dma-coherent requirement

    62a2834 ls102xa: dts: Remove big-endian-regs property for SAI

    bebea77 Revert "ls102xa: audio: Workaround for SAI data transfer endian issue"

    a449b22 ls102xa: nor: Adjust the partition for NOR flash


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit 9dc3897573f479496bcbcfefd551d5ea2fc9d8aa

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Tue Dec 22 16:15:30 2015 +0800


    u-boot-qoirq: update to commit eb3d4fc


    To align with meta-fsl-arm, re-use u-boot.inc from oe-core

    New commit imported:

    eb3d4fc powerpc/mpc85xx: fix disable port for FMAN erratum A007273

    63dfac1 powerpc/mpc85xx: restrict platform for FMAN erratum A007273

    54e5fde powerpc/mpc85xx: Add workaround for FMAN erratum A007273

    61ac6ba drivers:usb:fsl: Add affected SOCs for USB Erratum A007792

    ced4086 fsl/ddr: updated ddr errata-A008378 for arm and power SoCs

    17f724f fsl/errata: move fsl_errata.h to common directory

    6acff65 arm: ls102x: add get_svr and IS_SVR_REV helper

    0caf24c arm: ls102xa: Set fdt_high and initrd_high to the value of 0xffffffff

    263a323 powerpc: e6500: Lock/unlock L2 cache instead of L1 as init_ram

    f28fd70 powerpc: configs: Fix init_ram physical address for several boards

    46be0a4 ls102xa: fdt: Disable IFC in SD boot for QSPI

    f1ca68a ls102xa: etsec: Use proper settings for BE BDs

    e0712fe mpc85xx/u-boot*.lds: remove _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_ definition

    a04b8b3 mmc: fsl_esdhc: fix mmc read/write error on T4160/T4080

    23a735b arm: ls1021a: Fix the patch check warnings for the previous commit

    5a42d5d SECURE_BOOT: Correct reading of ITS bit

    f6310eb arm: ls1021a: Add QSPI or IFC support in SD boot

    ab2db1a arm: ls102xa: fix patch check issue.

    7611d2c Merge pull request #40 in SDK/u-boot-devel from ~B29983/u-boot-devel-tyt:feature/QUBOOT-1181-the-u-boot-deepsleep-resume-time to master

    d406c4f arm: ls102xa: enable all the snoop signal for masters.

    1686b84 Merge pull request #38 in SDK/u-boot-devel from ~B46683/u-boot-devel:bugfix/QUBOOT-1173-ls1021atwr-sd-boot-don-t-support to master

    0258a33 Merge pull request #37 in SDK/u-boot-devel from ~B18965/my-u-boot-devel:master to master

    dfc49e9 arm: ls1021atwr: optimize the deep sleep latency

    2023326 Merge pull request #34 in SDK/u-boot-devel from ~B40530/u-boot-devel:feature/QUBOOT-789-sd-boot-on-t4-rdb to master

    3a8f547 Merge pull request #35 in SDK/u-boot-devel from ~B47093/u-boot-devel-sdhc:feature/QLINUX-3755-support-the-uhs-speed-mode-for to master

    e4957df Merge pull request #31 in SDK/u-boot-devel from DNNPI/ls1-uboot:feature/LS1-for-SDK1.9 to master

    774b080 configs: ls1021atwr: Enable ID EEPROM for SD boot

    95a9abb arm: mmu: Add missing volatile for reading SCTLR register

   c9a7868 mmc: fsl_esdhc: enable EVDD automatic control for SD/MMC legacy card

    3fe5a18 Merge pull request #27 in SDK/u-boot-devel from ~B45475/u-boot-devel-fork:feature/QUBOOT-1057-support-qe-tdm-on-t1040rdbd4 to master

    767a4ad powerpc/t1040qds: enable peripheral clock for eSDHC

    0867fed powerpc/t1040qds: enable adapter card type identification support

    26d6853 mmc: fsl_esdhc: enable dat[4:7] for eMMC4.5

    acd4c74 powerpc/t4rdb: Add SD boot support for T4240RDB board

    b773c94 configs: ls1021atwr: Disable DSPI2 with NOR boot

    98bf337 mtd: sf: Add support AT26DF081A chip

    91bdf34 dm: dts: ls1021a-twr: Enable DSPI2 on LS1021ATWR

    7289cb9 configs: ls1021atwr: Enable DSPI for LS1021ATWR

    870af21 t1040d4rdb: assign muxed pins to qe-tdm when set hwconfig qe-tdm

    300674e powerpc/t1023rdb: change default core frequency to 1200MHz

    45f88eb powerpc/t1023rdb: eMMC boot without external SD card

    aee4875 board/t1023rdb: add support for T1023RDB RevC

    2c86026 ls1021atwr: sdboot: change serdes 0x20 to 0x30

    8d38d25 LS102XA:workaround:disable priorities within DDR

    2621445 arm: ls1021a: allow OCRAM access permission as R/W in SPL

    10bc2b0 crypto/fsl: fix "era" property value on LE platforms

    6d5733d arm: ls102xa: enable snooping for CAAM transactions

    d3e6f11 Revert "Enable snooping on transactions from CAAM block"

    a5dc0f7 arm: ls1021a: Ensure LS1021 ARM Generic Timer CompareValue Set 64-bit

    0669b57 LS102XA: Workaround: DDR require a register write

    449ab6a ls102xa: Enable snoop and DVM message requests.

    6ae8810 Revert "arm: ls102xa: workaround for cache coherency problem"

    617f1fd Revert "sf: Add support for flag status register on Micron chips"

    18bd7bb arm: ls102xa: Add LE mode support for audio IPs on Rev2.0 silicon

    80a22d8 QE: modify the address of qe ucode

    784f7f2 arm: ls1021atwr: program the regulator for deep sleep

    8971e50 ls1021atwr: added deep sleep support in uboot

    9f692ae ls102xa: etsec: Enable Tx Data and TxBD snooping

    79da560 arm/ls102xa:Add support of conditional workaround implementation as per SoC ver

    b6876d0 arm: ls102xa: Adjust the load address of U-Boot for NOR boot


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

    Signed-off-by: Zhenhua Luo <zhenhua.luo@...>


commit fbf43a99c0fe81d5ad83c2a69910038451580a05

Author: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

Date:   Tue Dec 22 16:16:49 2015 +0800


    fsl-u-boot-localversion.bbclass: import from meta-fsl-arm


    Prepare for fsl-arm/ppc merge.


    Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>



Best Regards,



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