Re: [meta-fsl-ppc][PATCH v2] udev-qoriq-rules: avoid failure in universe fetch

Otavio Salvador <otavio.salvador@...>


On Mon, Dec 21, 2015 at 5:55 AM, <ting.liu@...> wrote:
From: Ting Liu <ting.liu@...>

The autobuilder does a universe fetch with the meta-fsl-*
layers enabled, and this causes errors when MACHINE=qemux86.
This is fixed adding the compatible machine.

* not put the patches to a machine-specific location
This is pointless as you will use it for qoriq-ppc machines if it ever
is added for qoriq-arm it is likely to use different files. So I think
this should not be applied. But if you decide to do so, please do it
in another commit.

* remove the useless automount.rules
Please do it in another commit.

* restrict COMPATIBLE_MACHINE to qoriq-ppc
This is the only change which has to-do with the short commit log so
please splitting this out.

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