SFTP protocol supported by curl

Ross Burton

On 21 Apr 2023, at 12:42, Daniel Seca Mendes via lists.yoctoproject.org <daniel-s-mendes=alticelabs.com@...> wrote:

Hello, community,

I've developing an application that uses curl using SFTP to transfer data. The first time I cross-compiled my application and and tested it, it would
print this message: "Protocol sftp not supported or disabled in libcurl".
The solution used was to add the libssh2 parameter in the curl recipe by changing the line:
DEPENDS = "zlib gnutls"
To this:
DEPENDS = "zlib gnutls libssh2"

I can't find any recent posts on this topic in the community. Is there a more effective/better solution? Does anyone have a different solution?
The curl recipe has a PACKAGECONFIG for libssh2:

PACKAGECONFIG[libssh2] = "--with-libssh2,--without-libssh2,libssh2”

So the idiomatic way would be to enable the libssh2 PACKAGECONFIG for curl. This is covered in the documentation: https://docs.yoctoproject.org/ref-manual/variables.html?#term-PACKAGECONFIG