Re: Urgent need for SPDX-formatted bill of materials.

Trevor Woerner

On Wed, May 19, 2021 at 2:29 AM Konrad Weihmann <kweihmann@...> wrote:
When is the round table going to happen exactly? I'd be interested to join the call, as I've been working on something aim for exactly such a SBOM

Next week, on Tuesday and Wednesday the Yocto Project is having a virtual Summit.

As part of the Summit, on Tuesday a 4.5 hour block has been set aside for a developers meeting/round-table on a bunch of different topics of interest to the project. The list of topics is still being worked out, once that's worked out then we'll assign time slots to the individual topics. I've added BSOM to the list of topics. The exact time will be worked out on Monday.

The block of time set aside for the developer meeting is: 1530 UTC to 2000 UTC Tuesday May 25.
The details of the developers meeting (including the link to join) can be found here:

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