mailing list for board farm discussion

Tim Bird


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At ELC Europe it was decided to try to organize a mailing list for discussions about
board farm software, hardware and standards. We have started those discussions
on an existing mailing list of the Yocto Project: "Automated Testing"

The mailing list is here:

You are free to join the list and participate in the discussions. Discussions about a few
topics were initiated earlier this month. You can see the archives for the list for November at:

This should be the only e-mail you receive about this issue. If you are no longer interested
or are already subscribed, you can ignore this message. If you are not subscribed, and are
interested in the topics of discussion, please join the list. We would love to hear about
your experiences, and the hardware and software setup for your farm.

Thanks and regards,
-- Tim Bird

P.S. Note that there is some good information already gathered on the elinux page.
We'll try to continue adding information to that page. Please add your own information
to that page, where it looks appropriate.